Recommendations for use of engines

Electric motors are primarily designed to meet existing official regulations regarding the environments in which they will be installed. Improper application, wrong connection, or other minor changes may jeopardize product reliability 7.5 hp 213TC motor. Electric motors have live circuits, rotating components and hot surfaces during normal operation that can cause injury to lay people. Therefore, all activities related to its transportation, storage, installation, operation and maintenance must be carried out by trained and trained personnel.

The current regulations and procedures in the country of installation must be observed. Failure to follow the instructions given in the manual accompanying the engine, such as the type of protection, the “equipment protection level” (EPL), and the “X” symbol (which indicates that it requires special installation conditions) can result in serious personal injury and property damage and void the warranty of the product. The manual does not provide all the detailed information about possible constructive changes, nor does it contain only the information necessary for trained personnel to perform the service safely. Failure to comply with these requirements compromises the safety of the product and the installation.

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